Conservation Corps, community members clean under bridge in Fall City near Snoqualmie River

The area under the S.R. 202 bridge in Fall City after members of the Conservation Corps and residents cleared and cleaned more than a ton of trash and litter.

The King County Conservation Corps teamed with community members to clean trash and litter in Fall City near the Snoqualmie River this week.

Several community members requested a cleanup of the area under S.R. 202, and Local Services dispatched a Conservation Corps crew. Over two days, crew members removed 2,800 pounds of trash, debris, wood, broken glass, appliances and other items that were illegally dumped (check out pictures that show just some of the litter that was collected, as well as the now-cleaned area under the bridge).

Some of the trash and debris that the Conservation Corps and members of the community collected.

Maria Antonette Gallardo, Jobs and Housing Coordinator for King County Local Services, said the location that her crew addressed is a popular year-round fishing area.

“The community requested the Conservation Corps clean this area because it wants a safe place for kids and grandkids to go fishing, even in the winter,” she said. “We are thankful for their dedication to their community, as well as the work of our Conservation Corps team.”

The area near the Snoqualmie River is a popular fishing spot for locals of all ages. This one headed to the area almost immediately after the cleaning.

About the Conservation Corps

King County is partnering with Uplift Northwest to offer dignified employment to people experiencing homelessness and poverty, while at the same time helping to clean up unincorporated communities.

King County Local Services and Solid Waste Division entered into a contract with Uplift Northwest (formerly known as the Millionair Club) to create this program, which provides garbage removal and other cleanup services five days a week in White Center, Skyway, and in Fall City.

Great work by everyone!

Members of the King County Local Services Conservation Corps and community members in the Fall City area find time for a picture after a job well done.