Roads removing load restrictions on seven bridges in unincorporated King County

Bear Creek Bridge 333-A load limit sign to be removed

Did you know that Road Services is going to remove the weight limit restriction on some of our bridges in unincorporated King County? It’s true. Seven bridges (see the list at the bottom of the post) will soon be open to heavier trucks such as large fire engines and hauling vehicles. Work to remove the posted weight limit signs starts this week. It may take up to two weeks to take down all seven signs.

Why is Road Services removing the weight limit?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sets the standards for determining the weight a bridge can safely carry. The FHWA revised the weight limit standard in 2013. Since then, county bridge engineers carefully evaluated all the bridges maintained by King County to determine whether weight restrictions on some of the bridges could be removed.

Our engineers found that most of the bridges do need to remain load restricted, however the seven spans that are supported by “precast concrete channel beams” can handle more weight.

When will the weight limit get removed?

Road Services will remove the posted load limit signs on the seven identified bridges by the end of June 2022. Once the posted weight limit restriction signs are down, the bridges will be open to all vehicles.

SE 380th Street Bridge load limit sign to be removed

Bridges in the following locations will have weight limit restriction removed in June 2022:

  • Cottage Lake Creek Bridge (NE 132nd Street, east of Avondale Road NE) | near Redmond
  • C. W. Neal Road Bridge (Neal Road, east of State Route 203) | near Fall City
  • Bear Creek Bridge (NE 133rd Street, east of Bear Creek Road NE) | near Redmond
  • Bear Creek Bridge (NE 133rd Street, east of Avondale Road NE) | near Redmond
  • SE 380th Street Bridge (SE 380th Lane, east of State Route 169) | near Black Diamond
  • 208th Avenue SE Bridge (SE 448th Street, south of State Route 164) | near Enumclaw
  • Kimball Creek Bridge (SE 80th Street, east of State Route 202) | near Snoqualmie