Vashon’s Community Van service ready to connect island’s residents to the places they need to reach

Community Transportation Coordinator Megan Lockhart

Vashon Island residents: Do you need a simple, convenient way to get to where you need to go? If so, consider making the Vashon-Maury Community Van part of your daily routine.

The Vashon Community Van gives residents a way to reach any part of the island without taking their cars. The reservation-based rideshare program – which has been available on the island nearly four years – was developed to provide alternative travel options and help fill transportation gaps.

When bus service on Vashon was suspended at the start of the pandemic, the Community Van served as a vital connection for many on the island. Metro routes 118 and 119 have since resumed service, but islanders can still utilize the rideshare program.

“People here on Vashon Island still need to get places, and the Community Van is one of the best ways to get around,” Community Transportation Coordinator Megan Lockhart said. “Now that people are getting back into a regular routine, there Community Van can be a big help.”

How it works

The Vashon-Maury Island Community Van is a reservation-based rideshare service, available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Riders with off-island trip needs and those requiring an accessible vehicle are invited to request additional accommodation at the time of their reservation request.

  • Community members travel together to local destinations during the day, evening, or weekend.
  • Group trips and stops are preplanned (at least two weeks in advance) by a Community Transportation Coordinator.
  • Riders contact their Community Transportation Coordinator to join pre-scheduled Community Van trips.
  • Each trip must have at least two passengers in addition to the volunteer driver.
  • Each rider pays a one-zone Metro fare. The driver doesn’t pay a fare.
  • Riders can request a new trip by submitting an online form or contacting the Community Transportation Coordinator.
  • Riders can also suggest a trip they know will be popular with their friends and neighbors.
  • Accessible Community Vans are available on request. Tell the Community Transportation Coordinator about your needs before your trip.

Each rider pays a standard Metro fare. That’s $2.75 for a regular adult.

  • Use the Transit Go Ticket app on your phone
  • Use your ORCA Card
  • Use King County Metro Paper Tickets

To find out how to schedule a trip, contact Megan Lockhart by phone at 206-773-7003 or by email at You may also visit the Vashon Community Van website at for a current trip schedule or submit a trip request form. Calls, emails and trip requests will be responded to within 24-48 hours, or next business day if received on weekends or holidays.


  • All drivers and passengers are required to wear face masks when riding in Community Vans as required by federal law. Should a passenger arrive without a mask, one will be provided.
  • Each van provides hand sanitizer, Lysol spray and disinfectant wipes. All vans have vinyl safety screens between the driver and passengers.
  • Vans are deep-cleaned after every use.

Volunteer drivers wanted

The Vashon Community Van needs volunteer drivers! You can support your neighbors and your community and help the environment by becoming one. You can choose which trips you drive and how many times you drive each week.

  1. Download, complete, sign, and email your Community Van Driver Application.
  2. Complete Driver Orientation
  3. Start Driving! Once you become an approved driver, you will be able to use the van.

For more information, contact Megan Lockhart by phone at 206-773-7003 or by email at