UPDATED: Help the Sheriff’s Office make a difference in your community

Courtesy of King County Sheriff’s Office

Good news – the King County Sheriff’s Office continues to accept applications for its independent investigation team!

The King County Sheriff’s Office is looking for volunteer community representatives to help increase trust between law enforcement and the community with a new independent investigation team. If necessary, this independent investigation team will be tasked with investigating the use of deadly force by a King County Sheriff’s police officer. More information is provided below and here.

Why is the King County Sheriff’s Office creating an independent investigation team?

Washington’s Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act requires that an independent investigation team investigate use of deadly force by a police officer when it results in death, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm. The independent investigation team will consist of qualified and certified law enforcement investigators and at least two non-law enforcement volunteer community representatives. Local Services is working with the King County Sheriff’s Office to appoint individuals to a roster. If an independent investigation is required, individuals will be selected from the roster to serve on the team.

Is the independent investigation team part of the Sheriff’s office?

No, the team will operate completely independent of the King County Sheriff’s administrative investigation of police use of deadly force incidents.

What are the responsibilities of the community representatives?

The primary responsibility is a willingness to serve as a community representative, when called upon, after an officer involved use of deadly force. There are several other responsibilities, we’ve listed all of them here.

How do I apply?

This volunteer community representative opportunity is open to all unincorporated King County residents who meet the qualifications and are selected to serve. More details, including the volunteer application are available by visiting this webpage.