Mark Rowe is the new Deputy Director for King County Local Services Permitting Division



Pictured in his Snoqualmie office is Permitting Division Deputy Director Mark Rowe
Permitting Division Deputy Director Mark Rowe

Recently, King County Local Services Permitting Division welcomed Mark Rowe as its new Deputy Director.

It’s somewhat of a homecoming for Rowe, who had two prior stints with the county. He first spent six years as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist for Public Health-Seattle & King County before joining AT&T Broadband, where he managed the teams that established high-speed data and voice networks in the state. In 2003, he rejoined Public Health as Program Manager for Emergency Preparedness, then as Food Protection and Water Recreation Facilities Section Manager.

Most recently, Rowe served in senior leadership roles with Corporate. First as a global Food Safety Senior Manager for Amazon Fresh, Prime Now and Treasure Truck, then as a Senior Food Safety Manager for Retail and Operations Integration.

Whether he is working in the public or private sector, Rowe says he’s dedicated to improving an organization’s systems. Efficient, value-adding systems support staff, increase engagement from those delivering the service and ultimately help optimize customer service.

“I believe people come to work wanting to produce good work,” he says. “If there’s a problem, I’m a big believer that it’s more about the process than the people.”

Fun fact: Rowe used to compete in triathlons. As a lifelong swimmer and runner, he used to train about 20 hours per week for various triathlons.