About Us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in King County by providing mobility in a way that protects the environment, helps manage growth, and reduces traffic congestion.

The King County Department of Transportation is made up of five divisions and the Director’s Office. Some 5,000 employees provide a wide variety of services for people who travel in King County. The department also works in partnership with many cities in the county as well as with subregional, regional, and state groups to integrate and improve transportation services.

Director’s Office

The Director’s Office provides overall leadership, coordination, and support for the department of transportation’s services. The office leads several department initiatives such as developing strategies to respond to emergencies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and planning transportation improvements to meet the needs of our growing population.

Director Harold S. Taniguchi has served King County since 1983 in various positions, including deputy director of the Department of Transportation and manager of its Road Services division.

The Director’s Office provides overall leadership, coordination, and support for the transportation department’s airport, road, transit, marine, and vehicle fleet services. The office:

Leads the department’s work on initiatives addressing major issues, including regional transportation planning, emergency preparedness, and climate change.

Prepares for emergencies by developing and practicing plans to keep people moving and safe in the event of severe storms, earthquakes, or other crises.

Plans transportation improvements that emphasize the following:

  • Improving the efficient mobility of people and goods
  • Keeping travelers safe on county-owned roads and bridges
  • Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and other environmental impacts from transportation
  • Promoting the development of vibrant, healthy communities with access to a range of transportation choices.

Communicates with the public about projects, policies, and services. On our website, you can find out about public meetings and volunteer opportunities and send us your comments. You can also watch videos about our programs on our YouTube channel.

Measures and reports on the department’s performance to ensure accountability to the public.

Ensures cost-effective delivery of services and accountability to the public by overseeing the department’s budget planning and performance. The Director’s Office stretches public dollars by securing grants for transportation projects.