Roads lends hand during Skykomish snow emergency

This month’s wintry weather hit the Skykomish area especially hard.

Dozens of downed trees caught in power lines closed roads and knocked out electricity throughout Skykomish and Baring, making it hazardous to even plow the roads.

Despite that, our Road Services Division crews were able to help the community as they waited for the green light to begin making side roads accessible:

  • Using our graders, we plowed the upper and lower Baring Fire station parking lots so the fire station could operate as an emergency shelter during the days-long power outage.
  • Crews assisted with delivering a generator to the local K-12 school by plowing the roads leading up to the building.
  • Road Services also brought in folks from our Bridge maintenance team to continuously clear ice and snow by hand on the Baring Bridge, a single-lane, 90-year-old wooden suspension bridge. This span provides sole access to approximately 40 people living on Index Creek Road. It’s important to keep snow and ice off this bridge because too much weight could cause damage and possibly cut off access to the neighborhood.

Gradually, as utility crews cleared downed electric lines and trees, our crews plowed side roads as quickly as they could, giving snowed-in residents a chance to safely leave their homes.

Kudos to our crews for their work!