Road crews are essential

Governor Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, listed road maintenance and construction as essential infrastructure activities.

Crews use a vacuum truck to clean debris and standing water from a roadside drain. Cleaning out the drains help prevents them from flooding during rainy weather and
removing the solids from catch basins keeps dangerous pollutants out of fish bearing streams, protecting the health of our water systems.
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Local Services’ 19: Top Accomplishments of 2019

What a first year!

Our goals were clear: create a department and begin delivering improved government services to the diverse residents and businesses of unincorporated King County.

We took that and ran with it, retooling how the county listens to residents, works collaboratively with them, and acts in their communities.

Here are 19 accomplishments we racked up in 2019: Continue reading Local Services’ 19: Top Accomplishments of 2019

Local Services hires Service Partnerships manager

Jesse Kent is the new Service Partnerships manager for the Department of Local Services.

One thing that’s different about King County’s new Department of Local Services is the Service Partnership Agreements it’s making with other King County agencies. The agreements will allow Local Services to serve as a “one-stop shop,” helping residents and businesses in unincorporated areas connect with county services while also gathering information about those services.

On March 25, Jesse Kent joined the department as its Service Partnership Agreement Manager. He’ll oversee this part of the new department’s approach, managing working relationships with other King County departments and looking at the data they collect to support continuous improvement. Continue reading Local Services hires Service Partnerships manager

Council establishes new Department of Local Services

by Harold S. Taniguchi
Director, King County Dept. of Transportation
Local Services Transition Lead

On behalf of all who work with residents of unincorporated King County, I want to thank members of the Metropolitan King County Council for unanimously adopting an ordinance to make our new King County Department of Local Services a reality.

King County Council at dais

As you can see in this statement from Executive Constantine, this Council action now leads us into the budget process. The Department of Local Services (DLS) will be funded with existing revenues, and the Executive will now include the DLS in the 2019-2020 biennial budget he will propose to the Council on September 24. The Council is scheduled to adopt a County budget by Thanksgiving. Continue reading Council establishes new Department of Local Services

Recruiting new employees from King County’s “Communities of Opportunity”

As part of the ongoing work to dismantle racial injustice that can persist in our policies and systems, KCDOT recently partnered with staff from the County’s Communities of Opportunity initiative and the Department of Community and Human Services to recruit new employees for entry-level and journey-level job openings.

(Photo: Dan Bernard)

More than 170 jobseekers received valuable information about jobs and tips for applying online, at the event held Nov. 16 at the YWCA Learning Center at Greenbridge in White Center. Staff worked with community-based partners and WorkSource providers to get the word out and increase access to jobs to more candidates from traditionally underserved and under-represented communities. Nearly three-fourths of the attendees were people of color, nearly a third were women, and 40 percent came from targeted Communities of Opportunity of Rainier Valley, White Center, SeaTac, and Tukwila. Continue reading Recruiting new employees from King County’s “Communities of Opportunity”

Internships at KCDOT can lead to careers

You never know where an internship can lead. Some of King County DOT’s top managers got their start as interns at the County. We’ve seen the demonstrable benefits of cultivating young minds that can bring fresh ideas and talent to public service, and in particular to the transit industry.

Eight of our current DOT interns: (from left) Megan Johnson, Meredith Sampson, Austin Bell, Ashley Shibo Gao, Melina Soto, Gabrielle Jones, Lucas Simons, Hannah Debenedetto

KCDOT’s intern program began as an offshoot of the Federal Work-Study program, and ever since then, hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students have generated innovative ideas, written meaningful policy, and refined and streamlined processes which have improved the lives of our residents. Scroll down to meet ten of our current interns in Metro Transit. If history is any guide, there is no limit to what they might achieve. Continue reading Internships at KCDOT can lead to careers

Empowering employees as innovators and change agents for equity and social justice

The principle of being fair and just is incorporated into all of our work at King County, under a six-year Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan that guides how we improve practices for better outcomes. At King County DOT, we are working collectively so that each member of our agency can be an agent of advancing equity and social justice (ESJ). And we actively involved employees in designing the actions and strategies around specific goals.


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